Brenda Schaefer Photography | About

Welcome! First off, my name is Brenda and I am the face behind the camera. I was born and raised in Washington state, where I met my husband when we were just 14! We got married ten years ago and started a family just a few years later... We have two beautiful children- Cadence, who is 6 years old and Cash, who is almost 2. My kids and husband are my life. They inspire me every day to be creative!
I love everything involving art! Photography is my outlet! If I am not spending time with my family I am usually taking pictures, sewing, redoing furniture, checking out local thrift stores, hitting the gym or enjoying the outdoors.
In Washington I had a studio and busy photography business that I started in 2008. We then moved to Idaho where I have taken the last couple years to settle in, buy a home, have a baby and fall into a good routine. I am located in Kuna, Idaho and am now getting back into shooting and I work on location. I do go back to Washington to do some work in the summer- keep an eye out for those sessions.
I am thankful everyday for being able to photograph so many amazing people. 

Our family photo was by Ashlynn Green Photography